Prosthetics is the custom design, fabrication, and fitting of upper and lower extremity artificial limbs. No two prostheses are alike and each is individually designed and customized for the amputee’s specific wearing requirements.

Our staff is extremely diligent and experienced in designing and fabricating all types of prosthetic devices that properly fit the patient to meet each patient’s unique goals.

Our design and fabrication process includes incorporating the requirements of the physician, physical therapist as well as the patient’s own requirements.

It is important that our relationship with the patient does not end after delivery of the prostheses. We will follow-up with the patient, make any necessary adjustments to devices and continue to care for the patient as long as they need us.


Prosthetics Upper Arm

Upper Arm Prosthetics

Upper Extremity prosthetic devices come in a variety of designs.  Conventional prosthetic devices are “body” powered controlled requiring simple cables and straps to operate the hand or elbow mechanisms.  Myo-electric devices use external power that utilize sensors on the skin that transmit signals to an on board computer to control the hand or elbow mechanisms.  Passive devices do not involve independent movement of the hand or elbow, but rather can be very functions as well as cosmetically appealing

Prosthetics Above Knee

Above the Knee Prosthetics

Multiple advancements have been made over the past decade for above knee prosthetic devices.  Todays above knee amputee now have more choices in sockets, knees and feet designs.  The casting techniques for the sockets have expanded to maximize fit and suspension to eliminate issues of the past.  The use of microprocessor knees and hybrid foot and ankle units now makes walking safe and easy.  At Prince William Orthotics and Prosthetics, we combined all the latest techniques and options to customize you above knee prosthetic device specifically for you needs. 

Prosthetics Below Knee

Below the Knee Prosthetics

The majority of prosthetic devices are for below the knee amputees.  The most important consideration is the socket design.  Pin lock systems similar to Ossur or Ohio Willow Wood locking liners still dominate the socket designs but elevated vacuum systems use is on the rise.  Gone are the days of only having a couple of choices with your below knee socket design.   With today’s technology and the widespread use of silicone, urethane and elastomeric gels with or without pin locks, fitting even the most unique limb is easier allowing greater comfort and intimate socket fittings.  The more intimate the socket fit, the better the gait patterns, for smoother ambulation with less gait deviations.

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