Practice Tour

Welcome to our office! Here are a few pictures of our practice.

  • Welcome to our office!
  • Come on in
  • Look at some of our diplomas
  • Mark and Sophat work on creating an ankle foot orthotic
  • Some of the tools of the trade!
  • The beginnings of a below the knee prosthetic
  • Here�s the inside and the outside of an above the knee socket
  • A prosthetic foot
  • An Arizona ankle foot orthosis
  • Al sews together the material for the inside and the outside of the Arizona
  • A pediatric ankle foot orthotic (how cute!)
  • Another pediatric AFO
  • Adding a rocker bottom to a shoe
  • Some inserts that need to be customized
  • Pete sands the edges of the foot orthotic to the correct shape
  • Pete using the sander
  • The finished, customized product goes back in the original box
  • A Jewett back brace
  • Manufacturer instructions for modifying a specific prosthetic
  • Parts of a prosthetic

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