Pedorthotics is the design, fabrication and modification of devices to alleviate or prevent problems of the feet caused by disease, injury or congenital defect.

Most people recognize the term of "orthotics" as inserts for the shoes, but the foot is very complex and attention to detail of anatomy and biomechanics is important. For everyone that comes to our clinic, we dive deeply into how their foot and ankle respond during weight bearing to design the proper inserts for maximum function and comfort. This is way beyond store bought inserts!


Diabetic Inserts

Foot Orthotics

  • Multi-Lay Diabetic Inserts
  • Bio Mechanical Foot Orthotics
  • Foot & Ankle Surgery
  • Congenital/Acquired Foot Deformities
  • Pronation and Supination
Diabetic Shoe

Diabetic Shoes

  • Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes
  • Custom Shoes
  • Extra Depth

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